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European Media Art Festival

The EMAF is regarded internationally as one of the most influential forums for contemporary media art. Each year it offers its visitors an overview of current artistic productions in film programmes, exhibitions, performances and hybrid formats. Guest-curated projects and retrospectives provide in-depth insights into historical positions and contexts.

At the heart of the festival is the annually changing theme, which in the exhibition, in specially curated film programmes and talks by theorists from various disciplines, illuminates the interfaces between artistic practice, technological development and social reality. The main themes of the last few years have included documentary working methods in art (2018: Report. Notizen aus der Wirklichkeit /i.e. Report. Notes from Reality), the relationship between language and transgression (2019: Wild Grammar), the entanglements of I and We (2020: First Person Plural) and the multiple relationships between possession and being possessed (2021: Possessed). In its Campus section, the EMAF also offers selected German and European art academies a forum. In exhibitions and film screenings, they present current works or develop projects through which they respond to local conditions or thematic impulses.

The festival identifies as a place of experimentation, where extraordinary works are created and actors from different fields can enter into dialogue with each other. Each year, around 14.000 international artists, curators, researchers, students and film and art lovers meet at the EMAF.


Film Programme: International survey of experimental and artists’ films, curated special programmes and retrospectives
Exhibition: Media installations at Kunsthalle Osnabrueck and other places
Talks: Talks, workshops, presentations and panels
Campus: European academies and universities present their latest programmes and projects


Experimentalfilm Workshop e.V.
Festival Management
Katrin Mundt
Alfred Rotert
Stina Koch
Florian Vollmers
Katharina Lohmeyer (parental leave)
Finance and Guest Service
David Quitmann
Administration Film Programme
Johanna Doyé
Technical Staff
Thorsten Alich
Christian Löwrick
Joshua van der Veen
Reinhard Westendorf
Website Content
Katharina Lohmeyer
Johanna Doyé
Stina Koch

Festival 2021

Film programme: Katrin Mundt, Mason Leaver-Yap, Viktor Neumann, Philip Widmann, Tinne Zenner
Curators Theme Programme „It’s Rather a Verb“: Eitan Efrat, Sirah Foighel Brutmann
Curator „Artists in Focus“: Katrin Mundt

Jury EMAF Award & Dialogue Award: Dušica Dražić, Onyeka Igwe, Erik Martinson
Jury EMAF Media Art Prize of the Association of German Film Critics (VDFK): Esther Buss, Jenni Zylka, Peter Kremski

Exhibition: Inga Seidler

Talks: Daphne Dragona, Alfred Rotert

Construction and Technical Staff for Exhibition: Andreas Zelle, Stefan Hestermeyer

Translation: Dawn Michelle D’Atri, Amy Klement, John Meakin, Brigitte Willinger

Photographers: Angela von Brill, Kerstin Hehmann


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